Demand A Specialist

Over the past two years there has been an influx of house restumpers and house raisers and removers come into this trade.
Just by looking in the local newspaper and in the yellow pages, I see the increase every week, but all of them are just builders with an open or restricted builders licence; none of them specialise in house restumping – THE most specialised trade, next to house raising, sliding and removal. These new builders may know how to build a new pine framed home with a brick outer wall, but none of them know the old original ‘Queenslander’ home made from strong hard wood frames, yet these builders think just because they can build a home, they know all there is to know about house restumping!
Well I do not think so for one minute, as there is a huge difference between a brick and tile home on a concrete slab on the ground, to a high set Queenslander on stumps! If you intend to restump your home, would you want a general builder, OR would you want a person that is a specialist in the field; that being HOUSE RESTUMPING?
I know what I would want…


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